resource/ideas: community food council

what is a food systems council? (from the food security learning center )
“a grassroots network focused on educating the public, coordinating non-profit efforts, and influencing government, commercial, and institutional practices and policies on food systems. Such a grassroots network is sometimes referred to as a food systems council (FSC). The task . . . is to help the community to explore its own food system, assess what is possible, and build programs for change.

resources for developing food councils:
the food security learning center

the food security council

What the FPC can offer:
The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC)’s national Food Policy Council (FPC) Program is designed to support, free of charge, the development and operation of current and emerging Food Policy Councils. The Program provides:

  • Information about food policy councils in the U.S., via this website and in response to specific inquiries;
  • Individualized assistance to food policy councils to help them strategize, problem-solve, and plan (mostly via phone and email, but occasionally including site visits);
  • Bimonthly conference calls on topics of interest to food policy council organizers, such as conducting food assessments, organizing policy campaigns, and raising funds;
  • Regional networking meetings to bring together food policy council organizers to network and share information;

This program also facilitates linkages between FPCs and local farmers and ranchers, especially those who are women, people of color, limited resource, and from other traditionally underserved groups. We have developed a report that gives examples of policy approaches that support these producers. 

For more information, contact:
Mark Winne
Food Policy Council Program
Phone: 505.983.3047

the southern sustainable agriculture working group



from our last Wayne Foods Initiative meeting:
Sustainability Plan: The Wayne County Community Food Systems Council
This working body, sanctioned by the county, will provide ongoing leadership and ensure food security for all populations through:

  1. Public Campaign, led by “youth ambassadors,” involving multiple media and targeting entire Wayne community;
  2. ongoing assessment of food security needs through the networking of organizations and initiatives;
  3. education/outreach workshops on topics ranging from linkages between food/nutrition/health to policy impacts;
  4. documentation of programs, activities, and impacts;
  5. dispersal of information; and
  6. development of a replicable guide to aid other counties developing sustainable local food systems

suggestions for our council development:
Wayne County Food Council: building a local, sustainable system

to create a diverse council who will use education and outreach to facilitate the communication, collaboration, and development of community-wide and community-based food system projects

2 government representatives: ag extension, nutritionist
2 farmers
2 business
2 education
2 non-profit
2 youths
2 seniors

LINKS with civic leaders–have individual meetings with mayor, commissioners, to present info and solicit ideas

1. council meetings: develop strategic plan, facilitate collaborative networking center for community based activities, and documente/evaluate these efforts
2. link with community kitchen/cooking project to have community lunch 2x year for up-date on system projects and get community input on directions
3. link with new farms project to sponsor field day Ed projects
4. link with local restaurants/hospital/schools to sponsor educational workshops for community, linking health, nutrition, environment, food, etc
5. link with library to sponsor community book reads and discussion on food systems books
6. link with CEFS/local ag orgs to sponsor council member attendance at ag/CFS/policy conferences and report-back discussion sessions open to entire community to share experiences


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