Local Food/Tools

Local Food Options
Food Locator: Local Harvest

  • Farmers Market:
    • Wednesdays, 9:30am-2:30pm, Health Department Market,  behind Herman Park Center at intersection of Herman St. and Pou St., beginning May, NC and farmer-grown produce
    • Plum Tree Marketplace, across from Plum Tree B&B, Goldsboro, beginning in April, pesticide-free, locally grown produce
  • Local CSAs:
  • Community Gardens:
    • Public Community Garden: Wayne County Public Library, Ash Street in Goldsboro; come plant, come weed, come harvest anytime and organized workdays on Saturday mornings, once a month (contact the library for dates!).
    • Goldsboro’s Freedom Farm, run by Charles McNair

wish list: a Veggie Bus, making the rounds to neighborhoods across Wayne County with fresh produce on board!

    Media resources

    General info and talking points

    Policy Language and Practices:

    Organizational Development in Food Efforts

    Farmer/Growing Assistance

    • Farm Planning Guidelines (detailed business plans and forms and networking resources for new and established farmers)
    • greenhorns-guidebook (a great handbook for new farmers!)
    • NC Department of Revenue ag-sales-FAQ for farmers

    Community Gardens start-up

    • soil testing sites for metals (NC is no longer doing metal testing in soil samples)
    *TriTest (in Raleigh) 919-834-4984: $17 per metal, can mail samples or drop off
    *Microbac labs (in Wilson) 252-237-4175: $15 print fee, $27 per metal, 10-day turn around time.  Sample can be picked up if their driver is in the area.  Will have to coordinate prior to sample date to do that.
    *A&L Ag. Labs (Memphis, TN) 1-800-264-4522: $16 per metal (except mercury is $45), mail the sample to them in a ziploc bag.  Can also test pH, N, P, K, etc. for an add’l $8

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