WFI Urban Farm


urban farm, on Carver

the in-town farm is literally growing! Efforts began in the fall of 2008 with negotiations led by Cheryl Alston between various partners for in-town land use.  RAFI funded our start-up project but land issues delayed us until the summer of 2009, when the City of Goldsboro donated a corner of Washington Park to the Wayne Foods Initiative venture.  Travis Uzzell is currently the resident farmer and with help from A&T extension and CEFS staff and students, the 1 acre plot is in beds and growing a full range of fall crops, plus 1600 strawberry plants that the WFI emerging leaders teens put in during an Oct workday.  Whoohoo!  Go Travis!!


  • In Nov of 2008, Travis Uzzell, a member of the early capacity committee and a natural farmer in Wayne Co organized 10 participants in the FACT (farmers accessing computer technology) program at Wayne County Community College
  • Travis Uzzell was granted a full scholarship to the CFSA Fall 2008 conference
  • Travis Uzzell was granted a full scholarship to the SSAWG Winter 2009 conference

If we are concerned about food production, small farms are more productive. If our concern is efficiency, they are more efficient. If our concern is poverty, land reform to create a small farm economy offers a clear solution. The small farm model is also the surest route to broad-based economic development. If the loss of biodiversity or the sustainability of agriculture concern us, small farms offer a crucial part of the solution.   — Peter M. Rosset, Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy, “The Multiple Functions and Benefits of Small Farm Agriculture,” FAO/Netherlands, September 1999.

more on these WFI initiatives? contact Tes Thraves (

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