Funding Efforts

In-kind and community Giving received by WFI:

At WFI, we value highly community giving, believing it happens horizontally within our colaboration of partner organizations in ways we cannot even beging to measure, though from which we endlessly benefit.  Our collaboration of organization has formed a community of practice in the best sense, for which we are grateful and proud.

  • city land, at Washington Park, granted to WFI by the City of Goldsboro
  • auditorium space, donated by Wayne School of Engineering for visiting speaker
  • irrigation materials, seed, tech support, and labor and more from the CEFS small farm unit
  • equipment use and tech support from A&T extension
  • repeated use of the Community Crisis center for events and workshops
  • repeated use of the WCPL auditorium for workshops
  • repeated use of the Dillard Academy multi-use room for events and gatherings
  • uncountable hours by and talents of numerous individuals . . .
  • much more in food, materials, and treasures . . .

Grants awarded to WFI:

  • SSAWG Local Power/Local Food, Technical Assistance and travel, Nov 07
  • Conservation Fund’s Resourceful Communities Program,  $500 July 08
  • Heifer International, $10,000 Sept 08
  • RAFI USA, $14,000 Oct 08

Thank you, Heifer International, the Conservation Fund, & RAFI USA!!!

Grants submitted for WFI:

Grants submitted with monies written in for WC-CFSI:

  • Gillings Proposal, Feb 08 (through the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at UNC; a portion of thier requests would support CASTLES and WFI efforts), gillings-castles-ammerman

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