Health Department Farmers’ Market

Mini-mobil-FARMERS” MARKET, behind the Herman Park Center at intersection of Herman St. and Pou St.– run by Karen Padgett (

So, it’s official!  The Health Department and the City of Goldsboro have worked together to support the Mini Mobile Farmer’s Market!  The market, which opens on Wednesday, May 19th, will be from 9:30a.m. until 2:30p.m. every Wednesday through November.  The NEW SITE is just around the corner from the old site.  The market will be on Herman St. behind the Herman Park Center where the road intersects with Pou St. It is a nice spot with room to expand.  There is sufficient parking for vendors and patrons and I think it will allow for greater visibility while still being easily accessed by the clients of the Health Department and DSS.  The City Council has graciously approved 6 canopies for purchase that will be set up and taken down weekly by the Parks and Recreation staff.

CASTLES stand at Health Department Farmers Market

CASTLES stand at Health Department Farmers Market

Health Department Mini Farmers Market map

The original Health Department farmers’ market began in July of 2008.  Initial funding came from the Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch which passed the funding through to the Health Promotion Division of the Wayne County Health Department. The Mini Mobile Farmers’ Market is a small market that sets up every Wednesday from 10-3 in the County Office Building employee parking lot.  There, anywhere from 2-7 farmers, sell local produce, baked goods, and canned items.

The market is operating weekly from the end of April through the end of November.  Next year, plans are to operate from the end of June through the end of September.  Ideally, the market will be absorbed by the return of a permanent market in Wayne County.

Reverend Morgan's market stand

a short article about Karen Padgett’s Health Department Mini Farmers’ Market in the Argus.

WEDNESDAYS (last Wed in April-last Wed in Nov.)


corner of Lionel and Ash: bring a bag, come support your local growers!

8 thoughts on “Health Department Farmers’ Market

  1. Roberta Dees says:

    I love everything about your program. Most important: you emphasize youth in everything you do. I filled in your survey. You might want to have a Contact Us button on your home page.

    If I ever get up your way, I will be sure to stop in.

    • Terri Smith says:

      I think the Farmers Markets is a great idea but the hours are not. I would love to buy from the farmers markets but I work till after 5:00 during the week. Could you extend the hours or maybe open on Saturdays too.

      Terri Smith

  2. melody L. mganga says:

    I live in Charlotte, My daughter has Sickle Cell Disease and I am a Diabetic. We are very much interested in changing our diet. Please let me know where in or around Charlotte I can go to get fresh food. It would be helpful if they took foodstamps. Thank you and can’t wait to here from you. PEACE!!

  3. tes thraves says:

    Hi Melody,
    I am sorry to read of your health challenges! My thoughts are with you. You do have good resources in Charlotte though! I recommend contacting Christy Shi at “Know Your Farm” as she has a CSA program where you can get weekly produce that is grown in your area. Also, Don Boekelheide at urban ministries can tell you where the closest/most convenient community garden is and if you are interested you can either get your own plot or connect with a gleaning program at the garden–ask Don about your options.
    You can look both of these folks up at and it will give you their organization’s addresses plus their phone numbers and emails. Also on that directory site you can look-up Charlotte and find a few other listings that might be of interest!
    call me if you need more help. 919-542-9999

  4. Molly says:

    Another option for the Charlotte area is a produce co-op – all info on it can be found here $17.50 gets a large basket of a good variety of produce.

  5. LATONYA says:

    What dates in 2010 will the Farmer’s Market be set up?

    • tes thraves says:

      We have a meeting monday and so will probably discuss dates then! Come if you are interested in WFI–12:30-2 at the Small Farm Unit Office at 1609 West Ash Street, Goldsboro, Monday, Feb 8th.

  6. Karen says:

    LaTonya- Plans are to open the market on May 19th and keep the hours from 10-3.
    Terri- Sorry that the hours aren’t convenient to you. We were open later in the day, but the farmers weren’t able to sell enough after 3:00pm to warrant staying later. We hope to have the city work to have a market open on Saturdays, hopefully that will help.
    Karen Padgett
    Mini Mobile Farmers Market Manager
    Health Promotion Coordinator, WCHD

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