Dillard Academy

Dillard Academy School Farm map, 504 West Elm St.

Currently, Dillard Academy Charter School integrates a 3 acre farm into the whole school curriculum, year round.

CASTLES  after-school program kids open the 2009 Food & Society conference in San Jose, CALIFORNIA, singing about their garden!

SEED to SALES program at CASTLES, run by Cheryl Alston (calston9@nc.rr.com)


CASLTES kids taking soil samples with CEFS interns

CASLTES kids taking soil samples with CEFS interns

1.    Science Curriculum Component – To implement a hands-on and minds-on creative farm/garden academic program based on the Down To Earth science curriculum, aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study
−    scientific inquiry knowledge of observing, comparing, measuring, communicating, analyzing, generating, and evaluating data; increased appreciation of the investigative process;
−    introduction of career-related options and information;
−    connection of academic study and science inquiry to daily lives;
−    providing opportunities to engage technology

CASTLES stand at Health Department Farmers Market

CASTLES stand at Health Department Farmers Market

2.    Market Farm/Garden Component – To establish a student run working farm/garden and have students market and sale produce from that garden
−    involve parents in program activities;
−    experiential learning in math and science activities in a start to completion, and on-going project

CASTLES student in field

CASTLES student in field

3.    Mentor/Link Component – to expose 3rd-6th grade students to community seniors, science professionals, and high-school and college students
−    positive mentoring experiences and interactions with scientists;
−    linking students to ongoing science programs and older students;
−    involving parents and other community members
4.    Outreach and Acknowledgement Component – To craft opportunities for students to publicize their successes, including the creation, publication and sale of a student cookbook; the presentation to parents and community members at the End-of-Summer Exposition; participation in community-based Wayne Local Foods Initiative projects
−    providing students with opportunities to explain their program successes and knowledge of science and mathematics to others;
−    enhancing leadership skills and community engagement

CASTLES - shucking peanuts

CASTLES - shucking peanuts

Shucking Peanuts 1007 012_2

CASTLES - shucking peanuts

Seeds to Sales Goals:
1.) Nurture student enthusiasm in science and math studies and career options through day-to-day learning experiences in a creative and engaging science-based, cross-curriculum;
2.) Help students achieve and increase grade-level performance according to NC Standard Course of Study;
3.) Create a replicable model program combining science learning, intergenerational mentoring, cultural understanding, and community action; and
4.) Improve student knowledge, practices, and community involvement regarding healthy foods, in a quality after school and summer program.

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