Because we work from our strengths, our efforts are geared towards increasing the capacity of each partner organization’s work through collective support and leveraging partner organization resources in creating new, collaborative actions. Our current projects overlap in these areas of action, and all, to our best efforts, involve youth.

Youth Education

  • link food system knowledge to academic curricula and useful skills
  • build community through intergenerational activity and mentoring

Food Sovereignty

  • support community gardens
  • develop new in-town farming opportunities
  • provide education support for new, transitioning, limited resource, and future farmers and gardeners
  • help develop marketing and business opportunities

Public Good Food Campaign

  • increase knowledge and awareness through website and events/workshops
  • community food assessment with “youth as ambassadors” connecting agriculture to nutrition, health, environmental stewardship, energy conservation, land preservation, and social responsibility
  • public art work


partner projects we are strengthening together

collaborative WFI projects