Choose Local. Choose Fresh. Choose Wayne County Produce!

Welcome to our community-based local food systems initiative.  This site documents the continually developing plans and activities toward a local, sustainable farming and food system through the collective action of a number of individuals and organizations based in Wayne County.

Goldsboro Mayor Al King talks to CEFS apprentice about local foods.


WFI is a collaboration of individuals and organizations who seek to build a sound food system that increases the access of fair and affordable food for all of Goldsboro, Wayne County, and surrounding areas.


A healthy, knowledgeable, and engaged community that through youth engagement, collaborative community efforts, and active leadership makes nutritious and affordable food accessible to all, protects the natural world through sound environmental practices, and supports a strong and growing local farming and business economy.


1. Increase knowledge among consumers and youth about links between food, agriculture, nutrition, health, and community strength

2. Increase sustainably produced food accessibility and affordability for the entire community

3. Increase the number of economically viable, sustainable farms

4. Increase food enterprises

5. Facilitate the next generation of leaders in sustainable, local agriculture




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