2011 Events


  • 6th – Plum Tree Marketplace First Friday; 4pm – 7pm
      • Visit the CEFS 10% Campaign table to find out more about how you can support your local food economy and get some cool give-a-ways!
  • 7th – Goldsboro Library Community Garden Workday: 9am – 1pm
      • 1001 East Ash Street, Goldsboro, NC
  • 13th – Community Gardens Bike Tour! Starting at 5pm at the Goldsboro Library
      • We’ll bike around Goldsboro visiting our 5 community gardens (approx. 4 miles!)
  • 13th – Plum Tree Market Place; 4pm – 7pm 


  • 6th – CEFS welcomes our summer interns!
  • 16th – Goldsboro Library’s Jr. Master Gardener Program begins
      • Register today! Contact Diane at the Cooperative Ext. at (919) 731-1525

2010 Events (past events)


  • City Community Gardening survey


  • 5th-6th, SWARM attends Southeastern Youth Food Activist Summit, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Wayne School of Engineering, beginning gardening classes, call Dreamweaver
  • 8th, 12:30-2, WFI meeting, CEFS Small Farm Office, Stevens Mill Road
  • 12th, Berry Pruning Workshop, call extension


  • 5th-6th, SWARM goes to Will Allen Workshop, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • 13th, WCPL garden workday
  • 17th, Master Gardeners’ Plant Sale, call extension office
  • 19th, Grapevine Pruning workshop, call extension office
  • 29th, WFI meeting, noon-1:30, Small Miracles, 1890 Tommy’s Road, Goldsboro


  • April 2nd, Meet the Farmer Day, at Washington Park Urban Farm, Goldsboro, call Travis Uzzell at 919-731-7689 with questions!
  • April-May, Discover Ag Program, call Shorlette Ammons
  • Dillard Academy presentation
  • April 10th, Plumb Tree Marketplace opens
  • April 10th, Library Garden Workday, WCPL


  • 8th, CEFS Spring Festival, Small Farm unit, Goldsboro
  • 22nd, Rooted in Community training (closed event for youth RIC organizers)


  • June 7th-July 23rd, CEFS summer interns
  • 5th, Seasons of Sustainable Agriculture, Food System Assessments (part I), call Tes for details
  • 18th WFI Meeting, 12-1:30, Small Miracles, Goldsboro


  • 13th, Seasons of Sustainable Agriculture, Food System Assessments (part II), call Tes for details
  • 21st-25th, Rooted in Community, Durham



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