Fast Food Fast – from Kebreeya, SWARMer

Hello everyone. Today marks the final day of the fast food fast. The previous weeks were fairly easy. On some days, a bit challenging but I stuck through it. Although the fast food fast is over today, I will continue to be on a full fast from soda, fast food, and (i’ll try my best) to stay away from pork (which was my chosen self-challenge).

I would like to thank you so much for you all sponsoring me and encouraging me throughout this period. Your words of encouragement and support REALLY helped me and once again, thank you.
– Kebreeya Lewis


About tessa eliza thraves

a local food and sustainable energy freak, working for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems on community and youth Food System projects across the state.

4 thoughts on “Fast Food Fast – from Kebreeya, SWARMer

  1. Anecia says:

    Kudos Kebreeya!! Your are really making a great change! You are such an inspiration and a role model!!! Keep doing with your doing because your defintely impacting other 🙂

    • Kebreeya Lewis says:

      Aww, thank you so much. It’s like I’m trying to do sooo much for my community and at times it feels as if nothing’s changing… but that motivates me to work harder. I just have to “do it anyway” and make the best of what’s given to me.

      Another thing: I was nominated from school to present SWARM and the things I’m doing in my community at NC State’s Symposium sometime this April.. so I’m excited about that.

      I wish we could get more info like this on this website.. Like what we are doing now and the upcoming events like Piedmont farms tour.. and nashville, tenn.. and upcoming conferences.

      • shorlette says:

        Yes! We can definitely include that info on the website. Just send the info to and I’ll make sure it gets posted. I think folks are very interested to see what’s up with SWARM!! Keep up the good work!

    • shorlette says:

      Ditto Anecia!! Also, kudos to you for all the work you’ve done with SWARM over the past couple of years! You all are the heart and soul of SWARM! you are appreciated!

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