SWARMers say NO to fast food and Soda, for a month . . .

We, the SWARMers of the Wayne Food Initiative, pledge no soda & no fast food for four weeks, July 12th-August 8th.

As Immanuel says: “I/We just know how we feel when we are eating at fast food, verses when eating Grandma’s cooking.” We will do this in solidarity with other NC youth Food Activist groups, and are asking for your support.

Please pledge a daily amount, watch our reports on WWW.WayneFoods.org, and join us by making your own good food choices!! We’ll be posting challenges, benefits, and creative solutions we find to make this good food eating shift easier to do!

TO PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT: contact a swarmer directly if you know one and fill out their paper pledge form OR fill out our cool wufoo form!

We’re really geeked about the effort we’re putting together and need your support to get more youth involved!

Proceeds will support the SWARMers programming and projects, like attending the annual Rooted in Community (RIC) youth conference and growing good food in our community. Also check out SEEDS, Anathoth, and Stone House who are NC RIC organizers and also doing a fast food fast! Support NC food youth work!!

follow us on face book, and look for updates during the fast here on the WFI blog!


About tessa eliza thraves

a local food and sustainable energy freak, working for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems on community and youth Food System projects across the state. www.cefs.ncsu.edu www.ncfoodcorps.org ncfoodyouth.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “SWARMers say NO to fast food and Soda, for a month . . .

  1. tes thraves says:

    from Kristen I, who works with SWARMers weekly through the CEFS internship program, and is a Fast Food Fast sponsor!!:
    “Food fuels our bodies and our minds, and our youth is our future. I want a healthy future for all. The SWARMers are strong for doing this and are setting a smart example for others. Yay fast food fast!”

  2. tes thraves says:

    from Debbie Roos, our beloved sustainable ag extension agent in Chatham County:
    “I am just so impressed by the work these kids are doing in Wayne County. So creative. They can be such effective role models and so many are watching what they do and taking notes. They can make a real difference in our world. I’m thrilled to see them excited about farming and food!”

  3. tes thraves says:

    from Lynn Hicks, one of the early organic farmers at Carrboro Faarmers Market:
    “Youth, of course, are our future. The future of the very existence of our food supply, indeed our planet. Let’s teach them about REAL food and farming practices, for their own health and the health of our world.”

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