Meet our SWARMers!

We asked our SWARM team members to create bios of themselves to share with the WFI community, and to tell us about their Fast Food Fast pledges. Here they are!

Immanuel Bryant

Immanuel Bryant was born on April 11, 1992 in Goldsboro, North Carolina. When he was three he and his family moved to Lakeland, Florida and at the age of twelve he moved back to North Carolina to stay and tend to his grandparents. Immanuel just graduated from Eastern Wayne High School and will be attending Elon University in fall 2010. After he graduates from college he wants to work either for Apple, Scholastic Inc., Blackberry, or CollegeBoard. He’s joined the Wayne Food Initiative because he believes in its mission and purpose; he agrees wholeheartedly that healthy food should be accessible and affordable to everyone. In WFI he wants to do research, manage funds, a bit of farming, manage the website, and sell vegetables, as well as introduce people to the program/club/group.

BathSheba Patterson

My name is Bath’-She-Ba Patterson I am 16 years of age and I attend The Wayne School of Engineering. I was born in Kenansville, North Carolina I’m currently living in Goldsboro. The career path I’m heading towards is in Law. I really love working with children also and helping them with their problems. The College I’m interested in is North Carolina Central University. I have been hearing they have one of the best law programs in North Carolina. S.W.A.R.M. folks are like my second family I love it. I got interested in it through a friend Anecia Murray, she basically told me everything I needed to know to join. Now I’m working on a little project with S.W.A.R.M. it’s called the Fast Food Fast. I am going 28 days without fast food and soda. I think that it would be an awesome experience. Most people say after you go so many days without it you won’t really need it. I am so up for the challenge ;).

Kebreeya Lewis

I am a sixteen year old junior who attends Wayne School of Engineering. I was born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. In my spare time, I love to volunteer in my community. I am currently in a group called SWARM (Students Working for an Agricultural Revolutionary Movement). We go many places and we do many things as far as creating healthy food systems and living healthier lives. By doing that, the SWARM team has decided to go on a fast food and soda fast. In addition to that, I am personally giving up pork or any type of pig products including sausage, bacon, pork chops, ribs, etc.

By being in SWARM, this experience has made me realize how easy and affordable it is to create healthy lifestyles and grow your own food. It has also given me the knowledge and tools I need to change the world.

Armniecia Faison

Hello my name is Armniecia Faison. I am 17 years old and I attend Wayne School of Engineering. I just LOVE SWARM. I am learning the value of hard work and I stay learning new things everyday. My favorite part of this experience is meeting new people; its nice to have new friends.

For the Fast Food Challenge, I pledge to stop eating french fries and cupcakes, also to stop drinking soda during the challenge. I am hoping to break bad habits and learn to eat healthier. I know it will be hard to do but I am determined and I know I can get it done.

-Armniecia 🙂


About tessa eliza thraves

a local food and sustainable energy freak, working for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems on community and youth Food System projects across the state.

2 thoughts on “Meet our SWARMers!

  1. Gary Hales says:

    I am proud of you girls!

  2. melissa bell says:

    if the fast is over i owe someone some money!


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