Possibilities – May 8th meeting

Our next Wayne County WFI meeting is tonight and Steve is bringing Strawberries from the small farm unit at CEFS and Carole made a cake for us.  Shorlette is holding a workday at the community garden earlier in the day, so hopefully the rain will hold off enough to allow for new mulch and trellising. Or that folks will enjoy working in the spring rain!

Shorlette and Ms. Cheryl and Nancy just got back from Phoenix and the Food and Society Meeting–they will have stories to share. Phil and a group met with Mr. Evans last week so they’ll have a report. We got a disappointing lab report back on the garden Daina is starting, but we’ve a soil scientist at Illinois who is working on community garden testing procedures, so have a plan for how to access and address that. Alison’s food assessment of the county is progressing nicely and she expects to have it completed in June or soon there after (see our site soon for maps and summaries to date on this Community Food Assessment).  Steve has a whole list of potential land sites, totally 35 acres!, which may work for incubator locations (will put this map up too, as soon as have a digital copy).

So it seems tonight will be about possibilities and choosing our next steps–you never know for sure as the people present in the room determine the action on the ground–but we’ve numerous things in early stages now and it looks like a good time to step from development to implementation.  Things are happening in Wayne.

I’ll report back, but may be a week, as I leave early tomorrow morning to cater a five day retreat–80% locally sourced food!  Write me if you want my menu and recipes.  😉  tes


About tessa eliza thraves

a local food and sustainable energy freak, working for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems on community and youth Food System projects across the state. www.cefs.ncsu.edu www.ncfoodcorps.org ncfoodyouth.wordpress.com

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