Wayne county – community Food systems Initiatives

Bring someone new with you!


Wayne is just one of many locals around the country that is forming a grassroots effort to strengthen their local food system. Wayne County is lucky: we have amazing community partners and amazing resources. Things are moving in exciting directions. Join us if you’re local; if you’re from elsewhere, share with us the innovative projects your community is growing . . .

It is all growing in the news too–check out NPRs stories on food this week.  The first one on the carbon footprint of food is available on audio file at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=89808292&ft=1&f=1007

tes WFI


About tessa eliza thraves

a local food and sustainable energy freak, working for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems on community and youth Food System projects across the state. www.cefs.ncsu.edu www.ncfoodcorps.org ncfoodyouth.wordpress.com

One thought on “Wayne county – community Food systems Initiatives

  1. tes thraves says:

    Look for info soon on the Food and Society meeting in Arizona! Our own Shorlette Ammons-Stephens and Ms. Cheryl Alston are both attending!!

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